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Procurement Services for Business

Our business is to increase the profitability of your business. Using our in depth knowledge and experience we are able to negotiate industry-best supplier pricing for our clients.

How do you actually know if you are paying too much for the goods you buy - your Cost of Sales? And what about your Operating Expense; do you have competitive pricing for your fuel, communications and IT, interest charges, printing and advertising etc?

We are regularly told by small business owners that "I already have the best pricing, my rep told me so."

Sometimes, they are right. You may be getting ‘good' pricing - but only at a local or regional level.

We operate at both a regional and national level so we are able to bench mark pricing against all sorts of business sectors and sizes. It is our job to research and understand in detail the best possible pricing and terms of trade available in the NZ market.

Negotiating is a skill that some of us have and some of us don't.  While some people think they are good at it, they are up against a lot of sales representatives that are very well rehearsed negotiators! Their job is to set their product pricing as high as possible, so they can make the maximum profit from trading with your business.

It is our job to even up this playing field. So that your business is paying ‘the best possible price' that recognises the value of your business and ensures both you and your supplier have a fair win-win relationship.

Sharp pricing is critical in your competitive market place. You need to be able to match the prices of the ‘bigger companies' in order to win business.

Have you ever gone to your suppliers when you've had a big job and asked them for better pricing for this job in order to ‘get the business'?

Most of the time your supplier will come to the party - and give you better pricing just for this job. At Vanzeal we feel you should be able to get this ‘better pricing' for all your jobs.

Supplier Relationships

The relationship you have with your suppliers is essential to the success of your business - and we respect these relationships.

We know that all suppliers have different margins on certain products and this knowledge enables us to negotiate pricing for you that is second to none.

While our objective is to grow and foster your existing supplier relationships, occasionally we need to look at alternative suppliers, but only when it makes sense to do so.

Whatever the deal we negotiate - the final word is always with you.

Our proven results show that once your suppliers understand you are reviewing business profitability and pricing your business quickly becomes more meaningful to them. You can then expect to receive better service and response times from your suppliers.

"A better deal than you would achieve yourself - guaranteed!"

Case Studies

Business A: A plumbing business with a staff of three and annual Cost of Sales of $350,000.

We negotiated Cost of Sale savings of 12% - $42,000 p/a

This included:

In addition we achieved a $1,600 reduction in mobile phone costs

Business B: A plumbing business with a staff of seven and an annual Cost of Sales of $800,000. This was split across multiple suppliers whom he ‘cherry picked' prices from.

Through our analysis and negotiations he now deals with only two suppliers and has received Cost of Sale savings of 8% - $64,000 p/a

Business C: A building company had several large suppliers for their building materials.

They had an annual Cost of Sales of $1.2M with just one of those supplies. We achieved savings of 6% - $72,000 p/a.

Business D: A manufacturer of steel framing and bull bars etc with an annual Cost of Sales spend of $450,000. We achieved savings of 18% - $81,000 p/a

Business E: A manufacturer of aluminium windows with an annual spend of $1,300,000 for both their Cost of Sales and Operating expenses. We achieved total savings of 11% - $143,000 p/a.

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