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Medium & Large Enterprises

Would your business benefit from a comprehensive bench marking review across all lines of expenditure?

We are independent procurement specialists with an objective of increasing the profitability of our clients business.

Our engagement model enables us to undertake an independent procurement review of all operating costs, or work with your management or procurement people to bench-mark costs against industry best, and identify and implement cost savings for your benefit.

We also review terms of trade and negotiate the most advantageous terms for our clients and their suppliers.

Our expertise and experience covers a broad range of sectors including:


Case Studies

Client - Professional Services Business

Issue: One of three partners retiring and seeking to sell shares. Disagreement existed over fair value for shares with conflicting valuations and no consensus on valuation methodology.

Solution: Clean sheet approach advocated by Vanzeal and agreed by all parties. Liaison with valuers to establish areas of common methodology. Individual valuers agreed a ‘'fair value' range based on common approach overseen by Vanzeal. ‘Margin of error for non agreed inputs' established to provide negotiating parameters and agreement finally reached.

Keys to success: Strategic situation assessment, establishing consistent parameters with valuers, rebuilding trust between partners enabled by Vanzeal's intervention, pragmatic settlement approach with phased settlement payments.


Client - Civil Construction Business

Issue: Significant scope and price creep from prime contractors in a large infrastructure project. Commercial relationships were at point of break down.

Solution: Negotiation strategy and plan developed with client and led by Vanzeal. Constructive dialogue restored and key issues identified and separately understood and agreed, there was a major mismatch in understanding. Outcome was that core program budget remained unchanged and an agreed variation management plan introduced. After some required technical design work variations were minimised to within acceptable levels to the client and working relationships restored.

Keys to success: Research and understanding of project and supplier claims. Independent approach to remove the history and emotion from discussions.


Client - Software Developer and Exporter

Issue: Wishing to seek grants funding for Research and Development of new services for international market, and commercialisation support.

Solution: Vanzeal assisted with introductions to relevant agencies and developed co funding plans for presentation. Following successful engagement with agencies supported the client through all stages of application resulting in valuable financial co-funding for a three year period. Process completed quickly and with minimal defocus on core business. Resulted in co-funding in excess of $500,000.00 Platform established to qualify for commercialisation grant funding in future.

Keys to success: Excellent understanding of current grants programmes, application requirements and acceptance criteria. Ability to complete applications quickly by engaging strategically and effectively with funding agencies.

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