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Central Government Departments and Agencies

Vanzeal specialises in assisting public and private sector clients reduce their business expenses.

We are aware that shrinking baselines are posing significant challenges for public sector agencies to deliver their services in adequate and sustainable ways.

Vanzeal has proven experience in expense reduction and bench marking methodology that can provide assurance that departments are running as cost effectively as possible. Our preferred approach is to work alongside staff as an independent resource.

We do not charge any up-front fees. We are remunerated against the real and sustainable savings that we can identify and implement with your approval. This means that there are no new expense line or ‘consultancy' costs required to engage our services. We also provide independent project review services designed to identify areas of cost saving opportunity.

Utilisation of our services can prove beneficial in demonstrating a commitment to expense management prior to seeking additional funding through business cases or baseline reviews.


Local Government.

In addition to our expense reduction services we provide independent negotiation and procurement services for local authorities.

Vanzeal can provide project cost review services for engineering and construction projects at any stage of the project life cycle. Our objective is to ascertain where sustainable savings can be achieved. We assist in situations where an independent party can remove the emotion from a negotiation.

Examples include:


Case Studies

Client - Local Government

Issue: Acquisition of a parcel of land required for district reservoir project. Only one area met necessary geotechnical requirements and was situated amongst high value life-style blocks. Owner's relationship with Local Body had deteriorated over the course of negotiations. Compulsory acquisition was imminent but would be vigorously challenged by land-owners which would create unacceptable project delay.

Solution: Agreement(s) brokered over a 3 month period which included financial settlement within acceptable valuation parameters, infrastructure improvements to adjacent properties and an innovative land boundary adjustment between neighboring properties. Settlements were within budget expectations and relationships with land owners were gradually restored to an amicable status.

Keys to success: Relationship management and ‘bridge building', detailed research and consideration of new options, innovative solution proposed by Vanzeal which enabled both parties to step back and reassess anew.


Client - Government Agency (Procurement services)

Issue: Additional risk mitigation required in RFP tender response assessment process for large-scale IT project. There were significant sensitivities and potential political risk with whichever decisions made.

Solution: Vanzeal appointed to the tender review panel as an independent party. Role was to provide independent observation of the openness and fairness of the assessment methodology and provide a confirmation report to the Board. New vendor relationships successfully established.

Keys to success: Independent assessment input, knowledge and experience in procurement processes and project implementation.



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